Where Do Children Get A Fear Of The Dentist , And Why Does That Matter

Where Do Children Get A Fear Of The Dentist , And Why Does That Matter

Children seem to be inherently afraid of the dentist. They are afraid to go to the Idaho Falls Pediatric Dentist because they believe something bad is going to happen. The child may have never been to an comfort care dental idaho falls, yet they are scared anyway.

Are children born with a fear of dentists. Of course not. Their fear is something that has been settled into their mind based on many factors. One fantastic trip to the dentist can potentially reverse many of a child’s fears.

Parent reservation

Parents may often "play up" the fact that they are taking the child to a dental visit. They may say things like "it won’t be bad." The child then questions the event. "Well, why would it be bad? Why is she saying that? She never said that when we went to get ice cream?" A parent may often unintentionally heighten a trip for Idaho Falls Dental Care. It is not something that was ever intended. Parents often predict a bad reaction when there would never have been one in the first place.

A Takeaway

Children often remember an object that was given to them. Was it a sticker? Was it a stuffed animal? Some childhood memories are associated with receiving something. The dentist may want to connect the memory with something nice, such as a sculpture or toy from the bin. The office may offer a really unique gift that a child may not typically get anywhere else. It may be a gift that lasts in the home. Instead of just trying to hide away a bad memory from the visit, the toy could actually connect the visit with something great and memorable. these are what the toys and gifts are trying to accomplish.

Parents have had it many times, but it is true. Children are resilient. A single great visit can turn around their thoughts. They will feel calmed for the second, third, and following visits. Dental care in Idaho Falls begins as a child. But, these thoughts and fears carry into adulthood. Adults have many hesitations about the dentist, and many of them stemmed from a bad experience as a child. How different would a typical adult feel if their childhood dental visits were filled with soft calming thoughts, candy treats, and a sincere doctor who knew how to talk to children? It’s a question best left as a hypothetical. For now, children can grow up with healthy habits that last forever.